Reducing Cost & Waste

physician with stethoscope

Solving the Healthcare Problem

Patient Quality Alliance (PQA) seeks to curb uncontrolled costs and wasteful duplication of services resulting from fee-for-service health care practices and to establish a provider network comprised of all types and specialties across the entire continuum of care.

Present health care costs are not at sustainable levels. Payers and employers recognize that we can’t continue down this path. PQA is working to find ways of maintaining or improving the quality of care, while reducing costs.

Targeting Waste and Unnecessary Cost

The Affordable Care Act shifts the way in which providers are reimbursed for medical care from traditional fee-for-service models, where providers are paid for ordering services that may or may not effectively treat the condition.

Fee-for-service healthcare pays providers for doing more, whether the tests and interventions help or not. There are a lot of well-intended treatments that, when based on objective evidence, may not produce benefit for patients. PQA’s clinically integrated network gives associated providers the connective tools to really be accountable and only provide the most effective medical care.

By making data compiled by insurance companies available to providers within PQA’s network, best practice protocols can be established and adopted, enhancing the quality of care for patients.

From Portnef Medical Center HealthWise publication, Winter 2015.