Dani Jones

Dani Jones’ path to PQA began in college, when she decided to change course from pre-medicine to counseling. Throughout her time in college at Idaho State and Boise State universities, Jones worked in physician practices, cultivating relationships and assessing the health care landscape.

Upon graduating with her degree in Mental Health Counseling, Jones interviewed in various behavioral health care agencies on the recommendation of her graduate school professors but was disillusioned by the non-therapeutic environment in which underserved patients received health services.

“I then turned to the payer side with an interest in managed care,” Jones says. “I began working at Blue Cross of Idaho to broaden my experience and move toward my goals of truly facilitating change in health care and helping the broader population.”

The wealth of experience Jones gathered throughout her multifaceted experience in health care services made her an ideal candidate for PQA, which was looking for someone with project management skills and an established relationship with Portneuf Medical Center and the local physicians.

Jones jumped at the chance to give back to her community.

“I never thought I would move back to the area, because of my career focus, but I felt strongly that there was an opportunity here in southeast Idaho,” Jones recalls. “It feels good to come back to the same community and work toward providing valuable change in health care delivery. It’s uncommon in small communities to find something so innovative taking place, and it’s really great that the opportunity was back home.

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